I have been promotor of the following Ph.D. theses:

Name Date Title Co-promotor
Matthijs Kuiper 1989, Nov 29 Parallel Attribute Grammar Evaluation  
Ernst Lippe 1992, Okt 19 CAMERA: Support for Distributed Cooperative Work  
Harald Vogt 1993, Feb 1 Higher Order Attribute Grammars  
Patrick Lentfert 1993, Apr 5 Distributed Hierarchical Algotrithms  
Nico Verwer 1993, Sep 15 Abstract Data Conversion  
Lex Augusteijn 1993, Okt 7 Functional programming, Program Transformations and Compiler Construction with Frans Kruzeman-Arets
Maarten Pennings 1994, Nov 25 Incremental Attribute Evaluators  
Rob Udink 1995, Sep 15 Program Refinement in UNITY-like Environments Joost Kok
Wishnu Prasetya 1995, Oct 9 Mechanically Supported Design of Self-stabilising Algorithms  
Joao Baptiste Saraiva 1999, Dec 9 Purely Functional Implementation of Attribute Grammars M.F. Kuiper
Tanja Ernestina Jozefina Vos 2000, Jan 10 UNITY in Diversity: A Stratified Approach to the Verification Of Distributed Algorithms with John-Jules. Meyer
Daan Leijen 2003, nov 4 The lambda abroad: A Functional Approach to Software Components Erik Meijer
Andres Löh 2004, sep 2 Exploring Generic Haskell Johan Jeuring
Martijn Schrage 2004, okt 15 Proxima: a presentation-oriented editor for structured documents Johan Jeuring, Lambert Meertens
Bastiaan Heeren 2005, sep 20 Top Quality Type Error Messages Jurriaan Hage
Atze Dijkstra 2005, nov 14 Stepping through Haskell  
Eelco Dolstra 2006, Jan 18 The Purely Functional Software Deployment Model Eelco Visser
Martin Bravenboer 2008, Jan 21 Exercises in Fee Syntax Eelco Visser
Alexey Rodriguez Yakushev 2009, May 20 Towards Getting Generic Programming Ready for Prime Time Johan Jeuring
Karina Olmos 2009, May 27 Strategies for Context Sensitive Program Transformation Eelco Visser
Arthur Baars 2009, Dec 9 Embedded Compilers  
Arie Middelkoop 2012, Jan 9 Inference of Program Properties with Attribute Grammars, Revisited Atze Dijkstra
Marcos Omar Viera 2013, March 8 First Class Syntax, Semantics, and Their Composition  
Jeroen Bransen 2015, June 13 On the Incremental Evaluation of Higher-Order Attribute Grammars Atze Dijkstra
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