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Coordinates This is me

Research interests

  • Static analysis including:
    • type and effect systems for (lazy) functional languages
    • feedback oriented static analysis with a focus on functional languages
    • type error diagnosis for EDSLs
    • soft typing for dynamic languages
    • legacy to SOA migration, software modernization
  • Also involved in the EU-financed Future Internet Testing (FITTEST) project on testing
  • The Helium compiler
  • Switching classes: a sideline from my Ph D period. As a result of that work, my Erdös number is three.
  • Plagiarism detection with Marble and Holmes

Ph D projects done under my supervision

  • project DOMain-Specific Type Error Diagnosis (DOMSTED), one Ph D student in the NWO Free Competition (round Autumn 2012). Appointed PhD student is Alejandro Serrano Mena.
  • project Higher-Ranked Polyvariance Explored, one Ph D student in the NWO Free Competition (round Autumn 2011). Appointed PhD student is Ruud Koot.
  • project on Future Internet Testing, accepted 2010 (together with Wishnu Prasetya and many others). One PhD student and a scientific programmer on log-based testing (Ph D candidate Alexander Elyasov).
  • project on Service Extraction from Decomposed Software Monoliths in the Financial Domain ( ServiciFi) (NWO Jacquard 5th round, 2010). Two Ph D students, supervised together with Slinger Jansen. (Ph D candidates Amir Saeidi and Ravi Khadka).
  • project on Scriptable Compilers (NWO Open Competition Spring 2004) The Ph D candidate for this proposal was Stefan Holdermans
  • Bastiaan Heeren worked on improving type error messages for Haskell 98. He got his Ph D in 2005. You can find him here

Current and future activities


I am the main responsible for


I am currently member of the following (inter)national committee(s): I am currently member of the following local committee(s):

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