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This is a generic rewriting library based on type classes and type families described in the paper: Thomas van Noort, Alexey Rodriguez Yakushev, Stefan Holdermans, Johan Jeuring, Bastiaan Heeren, José Pedro Magalhães. A Lightweight Approach to Datatype-Generic Rewriting. Journal of Functional Programming, Special Issue on Generic Programming, 2010.

Note that this is NOT the same library as Rewriting, as it uses a different underlying generic programming library (InstantGenerics) and supports more datatypes and rules with preconditions.


If you have cabal-install, you should use that to install the package, because it will handle everything for you:

cabal install guarded-rewriting

If you don't have cabal-install, you must download the guarded-rewriting package from HackageDB and install it manually. Get the tar.gz file and decompress it. Once downloaded, use the following commands for configuring, building, and installing the library:

runghc Setup configure
runghc Setup build
runghc Setup install

For more details on the general options available, refer to the Cabal User's Guide.


The source for this library can be downloaded from the Subversion repository as follows:

svn checkout
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